Rules & Conditons

Terms and conditions for participating in the Worldwide Permanent Make-up and Microblading Championship 2017.

Terms and conditions for participating in the Worldwide Championship.

1.General regulations

1.1. Goals and tasks:

  • Revealing of the creative potential and professional capabilities of eyebrow specialists.
  • Raising the professional status and prestige of the profession.
  • Development of services for modeling and coloring eyebrows in beauty salons.

1.2 Any specialist who has qualifying skills can participate. You should submit an application before the deadline in order to participate. Applications submitted after the deadline are not considered.
1.3 Applications can be submitted at the site.
1.4 The deadlines for submission are shown on the site.
1.5 Participation in the competition implies the full consent of the participant with the rules of the competition.
1.6 Participants should be registered before the competition starts, pay the fee and get the number and the package of a participant.
1.7 Specialist should come to the competition in advance (30 minutes earlier), have everything necessary for doing work at the competition and prepare his work place, take a picture of a model ( pictures are taken before and after by a professional photographer to be evaluated by the jury).
1.8 A participant who is late shall not take part in the competition.
1.9 You should take your seat 15 minutes before the competition starts. Participants should have their own materials, tools and accessories of any brand (certified on the territory of Europe) to do work at the competition (paints, tweezers and disposables, etc.)
Workstation is provided by sponsors ( stool, table, power socket, lightning, mirror).
1.10 Work starts and finishes at the bell.
1.11 After the order « stop » specialist should stop doing his work, clean the work place and leave the
area for the competition. Models should stay at their places in order to be evaluated by the jury. The moderator keeps time-limit under control.
1.12 Participant is not allowed to leave the place for the competition without permission of the head of the jury.
1.13 Models are not allowed to leave the place for the competition before the jury finishes work/ or without permission of the head of the jury. The jury reserve the right to disqualify a participant for violation of the rules of the competition.

2 Models

2.1 Human models will be provided by the Eyebrow Championship, we highly dissuade to bring your own model.
2.2 If you do bring your own model, the judges may deduct points because you have more advantage and time to prepare.
2.3 The face of the model must be clean, no decorative or permanent make-up.
2.4 Only “Category Styling Henna Brow”s will work on live models and if you pass the Preliminary Round of Category Oscar and  Platinum.

3 Assessment criteria

Jury will assess each work individually on the following criteria:

  • The shape of the eyebrows, the proportions;
  • The quality of hair setting performance;
  • The symmetry of the eyebrows;
  • The adequacy of colors selection;
  • The depth of pigment insertion in the skin;
  • Compliance with the rules of hygiene;
  • The balance of the model appearance and the implemented eyebrows;
  • The accuracy of hair strokes;
  • The thickness of the hair strokes;
  • The styling of the head of the eyebrow;
  • The styling of the tail of the eyebrow;
  • The traumatizing of the skin.

Penalty points on the criterion “Compliance with the rules of hygiene” exposes a Medical Aspects Judge, who will remain on the floor during the competition.
Evaluation of other criteria will be made by the Judging Board after the completion of the competition task.

4 Terms and sequence of competitive task completion.

4.1 Anesthesia is only allowed to be local and can be administered only skin deep. No injections are allowed whatsoever. Participant must comply with all rules of hygiene required for this.
4.2 procedure:

  • Have cosmetician clothes with a cap, mask, shoe covers or in-door shoes;
  • Keep their working place clean and tidy;
  • Clean their working place after the procedure;
  • All disposables must be thrown away in the trash;
  • Abide by the rules of aseptic and antiseptic procedure;
  • Use disposable sterile needles/blades;

4.3 Participants must observe the safety of the procedure, with responsibility for the health of the model and the results of the procedure.

4.4 Prior to the Championship and during the competitive task completion it is forbidden to use any decorative make-up on the face the model.

5 Working place of the Championship participant

The Organize will provide all the participants with:

  • Treatment chair;
  • Stool;
  • Table;
  • Lamp;
  • Mirror;
  • Set for the model (cap, shoe covers, cape);
  • Cotton swabs and pads, cosmetic wipes;

The Championship participants are due to provide themselves with:

  • Machine and handset for performing permanent make-up procedure/ microblading
  • Tools, tweezers, etc.;
  • Disposable needles and cartridges for PMU/ blades for Microblading;
  • Pigments;
  • Skin sanitizer;
  • Pencils, brushes, pencil sharpener, etc.;
  • Anesthetic;
  • Disposable gloves, mask and caps
  • Cosmetician clothes (incl. cap);
  • Indoor shoes or shoe covers;

Category Styling | Henna Brows

A participant should ink and model the eyebrows with the henna. Competitors should show their artistic skills and the usage of henna modern techniques. Henna can be brewed or weakened by special thinners.

Competition task:
A participant should make next steps:

  • Eyebrows modeling with tweezers and additional tools such as eyebrow line, etc.
  • Shape drawing with pencils
  • Eyebrow inking with henna
  • Maintaining symmetry and building eyebrows to achieve the natural effect suitable for the model
  • Processing of the final result with concealer, highlighters, etc.
  • The task is performing on a model. Sponsors provide models just for foreign participants. Participants from Holland should find the models for themselves!!
  • Time-limit for the task 1,5 hour.