Haute Couture Shading System




Worldwide Haute Couture Shading System Course

A new system of different shading techniques, with minimal trauma and 90% color retention.
Yevgenia has been refining shadow techniques for a long time. With this training or masterclass we
would like to introduce you to the Haute Couture Shading System. This system consists of 3 different
shadow techniques.

Natural Pixels, with this technique the eyebrows are modeled in a natural way without clear
limitation. Intense powder, the name says it is already a tight beautiful full eyebrow for the ladies
who love extra flawless eyebrows. And the latest technique 3D ombre, the trend of this moment, an
eyebrow with a nice tight bottom line that faded up to nothing. This is created through a beautiful
transition of different colors.

If you start from the base, this course will take 4 days + 1 day, learn everything about a correction
and all the questions you have will be answered on this day.

Day 1 (basic theory) shadow techniques of the eyebrows (10:00 to 17:00)

  • Face shapes
  • Eyebrow shapes
  • Color theory
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Training of motoric skills for shadow techniques on latex

Day 2 eyebrows (Theory advanced for experienced specialists) (10:00 to 17:00)

  • Pigment education
  • Theory Haute Couture System, creating different techniques.
  • Precision training of the techniques on latex.

Day 3 eyebrows (Practice) (10:00 to 18:00) – Preparing the treatment

  • First model 11:00.
  • Second model 14:30.

Day 4 eyebrows (Practice) (10:00 to 18:00)

  • Preparing the treatment.
  • First model 11:00.
  • Second model 14:30.

Day 5 Learn to perform the correction treatment and answer all your questions. 6 October
(Practice) (10:00 to 18:00)

  • Performing a correction treatment on one of the earlier models
  • A new setting 13:30
  • Answering any questions.

If you are not yet in possession of a basic education, you start at day 1. And if you already have
experience with the placement of permanent make-up you can start from day 2 onward.

Level: Accessible at every level

Models: on practical days you have to take care of your own models. If you have difficulty finding a
model. You can contact us early.

Materials: When you follow all 5 days basic, the amount includes a starter package. For the
experienced specialists you need to bring your own permanent make-up machine and the
corresponding different 1 points needles. White outerwear and a white seat cover is mandatory
during the lessons.

Certificate: after obtaining this Masterclass you will receive a European certificate approved by the
Dutch authorities.

Price: All 5 days 2200 euro exempt from VAT, 4 days for advanced specialists, 1390 euros exempt
from VAT. Your registration is final when a minimum amount of 500 euros is (paid) at the time of
registration. The full course fee must be paid one month before the master class, you can find our payment conditions on our website.

Catering: You have to provide your own lunch on these days. Coffee, tea and water can be
consumed throughout the day.

Accommodation: We can book a hotel room or apartment for you near the Academy. Please let us
know early. If you arrange your accommodation yourself, we recommend accommodations that are
located close to the Academy and from experience they provide good service. Roompot holiday park
Cape Helius Bed & Breakfast Hellevoetsluis

Date: 23-24 -25-26 August 2018

Location: Yevgenia Academy Rijksstraatweg 146 3223KC Hellevoetsluis T
he Netherlands +31181320708

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via info@yevgenia.nl

A masterclass ‘pigment remover‘ will take place on August 22nd. The costs for this master class
are € 200 exclusive starter package. You can book this directly if you are interested in this

Event Details

Start date: 2018-08-23

End date: 2018-07-26

Start time: 10:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Yevgenia Academy The Netherlands

Directions: Please check out website for directions.

Phone: +31181320708

Email: info@yevgenia.nl

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