Eyeliner & Lips – A to Y




Create gorgeous sensual lips, or a beautiful shadow eyeliner. During this 3-day master class, Yevgenia will share all her secrets with you.
This high level master class is suitable for you when you want to know all the in’s and out’s.

What can you expect from this master class:

 Day 1 (Theory) Eyeliner / Lips

  • Theory
  • Working on latex

Day 2 (Practice)

  • Preparing the treatment
  • Models
  • Evaluation of the treatment

Day 3

  • Preparing the treatment
  • Models
  • Certificates

Level: Advanced

To participate in this Worldwide master class, you must be in possession of a rounded permanent makeup foundation course.

Models: On practice days you must bring your own model.

Certificate: After obtaining this Masterclass you will receive a European certificate, which is well-selected for Dutch authorities.

Catering: The lunch will be served by us all three days. (1 time a day) Drinks can be used unlimited throughout the day.

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation during the Masterclass is not included in the amount. We can book a hotel room or apartment for you near the Academy. Please let this know early.

This 3-day master class can be booked separately.

Event Details

Start date: November 23, 2017

End date: October 25, 2017

Start time: 10:00

End time: 18:00

Venue: Yevgenia Academy Hellevoetsluis The Netherlands

Phone: +31 181320708

Email: info@yevgenia.nl

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