Dark Skin by Yevgenia



Worldwide advanced masterclass ‘Working on Dark Skin’ 

We live in one of the most multicultural countries of Europe. This means that as a specialist you often see many different skin types, all of which also have a different kind of undertone. This makes the choice of the pigment much more difficult because we have to take into account many factors that include melanin. But not only the skin color is something that we have to take into account but also, for example, the skin structure.

A masterclass that has not been organized in the Netherlands before! On this unique day, Yevgenia will share her experiences about working on the tinted to dark skin. What to look for, which color you can choose best, machine settings and needle selection.

Day classification masterclass (10:00 to 18:00)

  •  Theory through powerpoint
  • Perfection training of handmotion on latex
  • Lunch – 14:30 models
  • Subsequent discussion and award certificate

Level: You must be in possession of a completed basic education.

Models: on practical days you have to take care of your own model. If you have difficulty finding a model. You can contact us early. The model must be present at 14:30

Materials: You need to bring your own permanent make-up machine and the corresponding different 1 points needles. Black outer clothing and a white seat cover is mandatory during the lessons.

Certificate: after obtaining this Masterclass you will receive a European certificate approved by the Dutch authorities.

Price: The master class is 500 euros exempt from VAT, the masterclass is given in a small group.

Catering: Lunch is provided once a day by us. You can enjoy coffee, tea and water throughout the day.

Accommodation: We can book a hotel room or apartment for you near the Academy. Please let us know early. If you arrange your accommodation yourself, we recommend accommodations that are located close to the Academy and from experience they provide good service.

Bed & Breakfast Hellevoetsluis (preferred)

Roompot holiday park Cape Helius

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via info@yevgenia.nl


Event Details

Start date: 2018-09-07

End date: 2018-09-07

Start time: 10:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Yevgenia Academy The Netherlands

Directions: Check our website for directions. www.yevgenia.nl

Phone: +31181320708

Email: info@yevgenia.nl

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