DARK CIRCLES Camouflage | By Yevgenia Aytas



Enlarge your knowledge by joining this masterclass and learn new medical aspects concerning permanent makeup. This masterclass is specialized in the treatment of dark circles, something that both women and men suffer from. With the right knowledge and technology this works out very nicely. This is a very unique masterclass because you will not only learn the theory and technique of camouflage, but you will also be taught how to remove badly placed camouflage with an Alkaline remover. So this masterclass is actually two in one!

The topics discussed during the masterclass:

  • What are dark circles under the eyes?
  • What is the cause of dark circles and what are the risk factors?
  • In which case is treatment of dark circles possible?
  • What treatment is most suitable and what can the customer expect during and after treatment?
  • The possibility for working together with a cosmetic doctor.
  • The application of camouflage on the Fitz Patrick scale.
  • Anamnese and preparation of the treatment.
  • Mistakes and incorrect application of the camouflage technique. The possibilities to correct misplaced camouflage.
  • Removing a camouflage with an Alkaline remover.

What can you expect from us during the lesson:

  • An presentation of the application of a camouflage technique. (Explanation and demonstration of the camouflage treatment)
  • Presentation of incorrect application of camouflage and its correction. ( Explanation and demonstration of the correction of incorrectly placed camouflage)
  • A presentation with the theme: ‘LIGHT AND COLOR’ using different pigments, their cooperation and chemical reaction through the influence of light and colour.
  • Examples, videos of good and bad camouflage treatments.
  • Practice the learned techniques practice, training the correct state of the hand to carry out this treatment (personally adapted to the device you work with)
  • Evaluation of the master class, support also after the masterclass by means of a Whatsapp group where you can ask all your questions and get advice.

Level: You need to own the basic knowledge permanent make-up.

Materials: You need to bring your permanent makeup device, including several one point needles that fits your device. Also you need to work with a white chair cover and white clothing (for the upper body) during the masterclass.

Models: In case you know someone who had badly placed camouflage permanent makeup you can bring this person with you for the removal of the badly placed dark circle camouflage.

Certificate: After obtaining this Masterclass you will receive an European certificate, which is officially recognized by Dutch authorities.

Catering: The Academy will provide lunch during the masterclass (once a day) Drinks can be used unlimited throughout the day.

Accommodation: Accommodation costs during the Worldwide Masterclass are not included in the price. We can book a hotel room or apartment for you near the Academy. Please notify early if you want us to make arrangements.

Event Details

Start date: February 19, 2018

End date: February 19, 2018

Start time: 10:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Yevgenia Academy Hellevoetsluis The Netherlands

Phone: +31 181320708

Email: info@yevgenia.nl

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