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This 2-day masterclass is aimed at providing skill level improvement of techniques performed by the PMU masters through a maximum immersion into practice.

Day 1. Masterclass 3D Art Balayage by Yevgenia Aytas

“ART 3D BALAYAGE” technique was created for the correction and camouflage of badly placed permanent makeup on the eyebrows. There are three steps you need to follow while using this technique. Balayage – a French word, meaning sweeping. When hair colorists use balayage technique in their work, they mostly make horizontal strokes with the brush. Permanent makeup specialist “sweeps” over the skin vertically and horizontally, working only with the tip of the needle. Doing it this way we create a natural, so to say, “evaporation” effect with pure color pigments such as yellow, green, red and black. Moreover, it is necessary to combine several techniques such as hair stroke and shading in order to achieve the most realistic and natural result on the eyebrows. Balayage requires a very precise work and in-depth knowledge of coloristic and pigmentology.

Step 1: Camouflage.

Camouflage – is covering up of undesirable shades that remained in the skin from the previous work. With the help of skin colors and skin shades we make a foundation for two next steps.

Step 2: Corrective color coding.

Corrective color coding is based on the layer by layer insertion of corrective pigments.  At this point it is crucial to muster the principals of proper algorithm for the application of the corrective colors.


The finishing stage of structuring of the eyebrow itself by using suitable pigments and necessary techniques.

Having mastered this technique, you will get the fundamental knowledge needed in order to achieve high-quality results in the field of permanent makeup.

Day 2. Masterclass Fundemental Secrets of Permanent Make-up

Aleksey Khvesenya will share very insights of his experience during his master class  “Fundamental knowledge of permanent makeup”.

The following topics will be covered:

Theoretical part:

  • Visage
  • Hidden nuances of a harmonious appearance. Formula for the correct shaping, symmetry, tones and color choice.
  • Analysis of the existing techniques, the pros and cons of them, ways to avoid fatal errors.
  • Anesthetics, minimizing pain.
  • Coloristics.
  • Review and hands-on experience of unique «6th Sense» pigments, principals of composition, similarities and differences between tattoo and PM pigments, properties of dyes and other ingredients used in pigments. What happens with a pigment in the skin depending on the client’s ethnic origin? Etc.
  • Overlapping and camouflage.
  • Hidden and dangerous aspects, ways to avoid problems and to perform quality work with results lasting for a long time.

Practice (students work only on latex):

  • Demonstration of proprietary technique on models (eyebrows and lips).
  • Properly hand positioning, correction of personal errors with an individual approach to each student.
  • Working with «liner», «shader» and «magnum» types of needles
  • Personal equipment adjustment in order to improve the quality of work performed by every student.

Event Details

Start date: November 03, 2017

Start time: 10:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Olga Bondar

Phone: +35-1964 739 872

Email: bookings@eyebrowfestival.com

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