Since 2017, Microbeau International has been engineering innovative products for the PMU industry with the intent to simplify and enhance each procedure, no matter where the artist stands in their career. Founded by Gaston and Lulu Siciliano, two dedicated artists who share their passions for tattooing and PMU. Taking their experience and knowledge, combining them, and ultimately creating Microbeau International. Two artists working closely with international artists alike, was the key to their innovation. Focusing on enhancing natural beauty and achieving incredible results, Microbeau strives to develop PMU equipment with a harmonious design married to flawless functionality.

Microbeau’s pillars:

• Manufacturing state of the art equipment, designed, engineered, and tested with the artist’s
needs in mind.

• Strives to develop quality, innovative tools with top performance meant to revolutionize the industry.

• With the intent to allow artists to work in a safer environment so they can focus on what’s
important – their craft.

Eyebrow Festival
Eyebrow Festival