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Latex only

Lips in watercolor technique, naturalness is the main motto of this category.

  • The participant must perform permanent lip makeup on 3D latex
  • The participant can complete the task with any machine for permanent makeup, Contestants must demonstrate their artistic skills, mastery of modern techniques.
  • The color of the lips should be close to real with a slight fantasy effect.
  • Various more natural shades on the lips are allowed, lip folds can be drawn to give a 3D effect and using 2 colors;
  • Apply shading evenly in watercolor technique. Lipstick overpaint is not allowed
  • Proportionally apply the pigment.
  • Task completion time – 2 hours

For all certified professionals

Championship 2022

12 categories – 36 awards

Worldwide Championship is by far the most competitive and extensive competition.

We created unique nominations and developed a special judging system driven by international Judging committee. Absolutely no contact between judge and competitor, with exception to supervising hygiene and work ethic. All scores are processed digital. Custom design Trophies and the total prize value over €100.000!

Browista Brow Styling Championship

Become BROWISTA 2022!

Brow Styling Championship

For our artists around the globe who like to compete for the international Brow Styling title! The category Brow Styling consists of Henna Brow Styling and Brow Lamination. You can also participate in both sub-categories and in combination with up to 3 PMU categories.

Eyebrow Festival

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