First round – latex

  • The participant must perform 2 eyebrows on latex, exclusively using the “Shading” technique and only on a device designed for PM.
  • Hair is not allowed!!!
  • Time to complete the task 1.5 hours!
  • Only 5 participants who reached the final in the first round are allowed to the second round!

Second round – live model

  • The participant must perform permanent make-up of the eyebrows using the Shading technique with colour transitions: “Shading technique using 2 colours” and only on a device designed for PM.
  • On the model of the eyebrows in the technique of shading
  • Two colors of pigments with a smooth color transition.
  • Evenly apply shading.
  • Apply the pigment proportionally.
  • Task completion time 2 hours

Note: Browista nomination is for finalists (top 3) from any other international permanent make-up championships. This is the most prestigious title you can get during World Championship 2022.

Eyebrow Festival
Eyebrow Festival