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Mini Curriculum Vitae

I came from a poor family. Since 8 years old, I had to take care of all the housework. My ‘jobs’ include preparing food and carrying water from the well. I was well trained by three elder brothers who used to command me to complete the housework, while taking care of two younger brothers at the same time.

I learned money making techniques, through the hard way. I had to sell corns at the streets, carrying my younger brother with me, when I was 9 years old. I also worked part time at the coffee shop to make some extra pocket money. I know the importance of savings, and was once deposited my money in a co-op that went bust, just because I wanted the attractive piggy bank that comes with an account.

My toys were all D.I.Y., made from whatever resources available. I love sketching, be it on the papers or on the soil. This could be one of the way how I built my basics in arts.

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Being the only girl with the smallest figure among the siblings, I rarely had the chance to use the only Malay dictionary – Kamus Am – in the house. I failed the Malay language test in government exam, which is a compulsory subject in our school system. Thus, I was forced to discontinue my study after Form 3.

I was tired of the works under the sun. I decided to pursue my dream in KL.

Though I was the only girl in the family, I was not treasured as it supposed to be. In a very traditional Chinese family, girls are not given enough love and attention. I was told that being a daughter is like water that will be poured away eventually. It was a very sad moment when I heard those words. I told myself that my destiny is in my own hand. I won’t surrender to tough conditions. I will work hard, make more money, keep learning and equipped myself with proper knowledge. I know that only with the right education that we can change our world.

Finally, I got a portion of initial payment for a beauty course after years of savings. With the help of the salon boss, I got to pay the course fees on installment basis. I learned make up and eyebrow blading techniques. I started to work at a wedding gallery. The lady boss was serious about her works. I learned from her the secret of doing business, which is truly committed and be willing to do more than others. Hardworking does pay off handsomely.

After a few years working, a friend of mine invited me to joint venture a beauty salon. I took up the offer. My business journey started.
I wasn’t so satisfied with my skills back then. I knew there were still rooms for improvement. I need to keep learning in order to achieve more breakthroughs. I met my mentor, David in a beauty fair in KL back in 2007. I was inspired by his skillfulness. I decided to learn from him, to improve my brow art techniques. His teaching is interactive and systematic. I was able to pick up many new techniques and tricks in micro blading. Though I met some bottleneck, my mentor keep encourage me to overcome all obstacles, brought back my confidence and positive energy to continue my journey.

In the meantime, David keep improving himself in his profession, he made a breakthrough in micro blading works, created 6D and PPL theory, made it an art that seems more natural and dimensional. I feel grateful for meeting such a good mentor who shared his skills and knowledge selflessly.
While more and more people like my works and design, there are still some rumors in the market about my pricing or skills. I knew I couldn’t stop all this as it is normal in a very competitive business environment. Rather than responding to those critics, I preferred to prove myself in a better way.

When David encouraged me to compete in the Worldwide Eyebrow PMU (Permanent Makeup) & Microblading Championship, Rotterdam, I knew my chance had come. He encouraged me to join the hand art group and take up expert course, learn from the worlds’ top experts, be part of this global event, where industry’s expert from more than 100 countries will be joining to learn from each other. I agreed to join without second thought, joyfully.

In this course, which last for a few days, David, who represented David Browart, shared his view on the progress of China’s brow art. He won a lot of applause and acknowledgement from the industry experts around the world.

Finally, the most tension moment came through, I attended the competition carefully. Thank God that I got a good model. I told myself to go full swing. Do the best!

The result was out after 3 days. When I heard the announcement “Wong Chooi Keat from Malaysia…” I felt so excited and wonderful. My hard work paid off, finally. Both worlds’ first and second position was won by David’s student. Thank you for your guidance and mentoring. The opposition from family members had become my power to move on. Thank you!


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