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International trainer, permanent makeup and tricopigmentation expert, CEO Belfatto Group Srl, CEO Orsini&Belfatto Srl, CEO Belfatto Lab. Toni Belfatto was born in 1973 Casoli, a small Italian town, and developed a strong passion for the art forms from an early age. He regularly holds training courses for young people who wanted to be introduced in this fantastic world, explaining what are the methods, equipment, problems and hygiene standards.

Toni Belfatto was born in 1973, in Casoli, a small town in the Province of Chieti. From a very young age, he developed a strong passion for any form of art.

In 1989, he took part, together with his father, to a Permanent-Make up Conference and he was completely fascinated by what he saw.

He has been holding artistic tattooing and Permanent Make-up training courses for the last fifteen years, in order to pass down his immense passion to anyone wishing to step into this wonderful world. Years of study, research and experimentations, coupled with a strong passion for aesthetic and beauty made of Toni an accomplished Dermopigmentation specialist and a passionate teacher.

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In 2007 he patented the Tricopigmentation ® technique, an innovative specialization meant to completely revolutionize the world of dermopigmentation. The goal of Tricopigmentation is to mask any blemish tied with boldness and scarred caused by hair transplant by creating the optical illusion of the presence of hair where there is none.

In the same year he became the CEO of the Orsini & Belfatto, a company that commercializes equipment and products for Dermopigmentation as well as running an Academy that, to this day, has trained more than 5000 students.
In 2008, he took part to a worldwide project concerning the writing of a book about facial Dermopigmentation along with infectious diseases specialist. The book was translated in five,
Toni Belfatto is the Chairman of the Italian Association of Dermopigmentation (A.I.DER, Associazione Italiana Dermopigmentisti).

From 2008 to 2013, he was a member of the International Committee of Permanent Make-Up World Championship in Moscow. He took part as a lecturer in medical and aesthetic conferences in Miami, Saint-Petersburg and in Rome, alongside surgeons of worldwide fame.
He took part as a guest of honor and Italian spokesperson abroad, in more than 50 world conferences concerning aesthetic medicine and micro-pigmentation as well as taking part to many talk shows.
He was given various awards from the Region of Abruzzo, the Province of Chieti and various specialists in the field of his work.

He is dubbed as the V.I.P. guru by various magazines.

In 2014, he wrote his first book, “ The secrets of the hyperealistic eyebrow for males and females”. The book was translated in 6 languages.

In 2015, he published his second work, “Tricopigmentation, The Original One” This book is the first official manual concerning the field; it was translated in 4 languages. The two books will lay the basis for the creation of an “encyclopedia of dermopigmentation”

The Belfatto Lab is Toni’s latest creation in which he put all his passion and his very soul. The Belfatto Lab aims to cancel any professional limitation by creating a great number of Dermopigmentation centers in Italy and in the rest of the world. This groundbreaking project is helmed by a group of highly qualified dermopigmentation specialists that share the same passion for the job. More than anything, the Belfatto Lab creation is the answer to a constantly growing demand by customers that may have finally found a solution to their esthetical troubles.

In 2017, he launched the line of hair products “Tricorigen”, an innovative method meant to control hair loss, effective, safe and without any side effects,



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