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Mini Curriculum Vitae

Master and tutor, trainer and expert of international class
in the area of permanent make-up, permanent make-up,
microblading and tattoo removal

Professionalism and responsibility

I have been practicing permanent makeup for over 15 years and I have been working as a trainer for 12 years. And, as for myself, I am constantly studying. I am constantly improving myself, seeking for the new things – I do not rest on my laurels. I think that I should continually raise the level of permanent make-up quality and the process of tuition on the increasing height. My clients` trust is the most valuable thing for me. I do and I will always do everything to justify the confidence.People not only trust me the appearance and health, but also, and it is extremely important as well – expect me to help them feel happier. My duty is not to disappoint them.

Love for people

However naive it may sound, I do love people. Starting my work, I begin to love the person I work with. I love everything about him: his eyes, lips, face. At this moment, it is given to me, and I have the opportunity to make it more beautiful. This is my inspiration.


I can do very beautiful work only in case I feel the creative impulse, and in order to obtain it I need to feel the person and find something special that will cause a peculiar idea. I never impose my vision, but I am not fond of the primitive solutions “like everyone else”. Whatever the idea of ​​permanent make-up is: the classical “so that no one could guess” or more challenging decisions – I am still trying to make a person beautiful. This is my artistic creed.


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