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Beginning of the professional life of Ennio…

While studying electronic engineering in Ancona, Ennio Orsini understood that his future was not to become an engineer, so he began to dedicate himself to the aesthetic sector. This interest was born when he was a child: he preferred staying in the beauty salon of his mother than spending time with his friends.

He studied and started working as a Make Up Artist for television productions, theaters, fashion shows and show agencies. He reached the necessary experience and founded a makeup school, demonstrating original teaching skills.

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After he became a beautician he developed a passion for body-art, particularly for the “extreme makeup”: permanent makeup, tattoos and piercings.

Collaborating with several newspapers, including “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques”,  “La pelle bellezza”, “Esthetitaly”, “Trucco & Bellezza”, “Mabella”, “Beauty Forum”, to date he can boast the publication of more than 120 newspaper articles, also in medical-scientific articles.

He teaches dermopigmentation in private and state schools, he is a developer for important tattooing equipment manufacturers and a technical consultant for factories of this sector.

He is the CEO of “ORSINI & BELFATTO”, a company that sells products and equipment for micropigmentation all over the world.

He is the president of AIDER (Italian Association of Dermopigmentation), he is the inventor of  Tricopigmentazione® and he has conceived an innovative technique to create male eyebrows and female eyebrows called “Ultrarealistic eyebrow”.

Several times he has been a competition judge (as the Italian representative), at the World Permanent Makeup Championships.

He works with the Italian courts as an independent expert in legal disputes about dermopigmentation and permanent makeup.He is the inventor and organizer of SKING, the first and unique annual Italian permanent makeup championship with electromechanical equipment.

He was the promoter and the only author of the Abruzzo regional decree for the regulation of dermopigmentation, the first Italian law that identifies the profession of “dermopigmentista”. This activity has led the Abruzzo region to reward him; he has been awarded also by the province of L’Aquila as a young talent.

His books “Dermopigmentazione Sopraccigliare”, “Il Sopracciglio Ultrarealistico”, “Tricopigmentazione” and “Dermopigmentazione Paramedicale” are among the most sold of this sector; the first three titles have already been translated into several languages.

Moreover, he has created Kimerika; it’s a smartphone application, a digital tool useful in all types of dermopigmentation, thanks to its assistance in the search of  the perfect simmetry.

His participations in Conferences and World Dermopigmentation Championships are more and more frequent. To date, more than 27 countries have been invited Ennio Orsini as a speaker and trainer in congresses and master classes. He has recently created Dermamente, certainly among the most prestigious and greatest network companies composed of centers specialized in dermopigmentation. To date, Dermamente counts 12 centers, but it is expanding.
He is the founder of the International School of Dermopigmentation, an Academy that provides classroom courses worldwide and online courses. Delivering online courses about dermopigmentation, it is the first Italian web-academy for the dermopigmentation world.





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