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Mini Curriculum Vitae

David Brow Art is the number 1 brand 1 in the World of Eyebrow. It was founded by World class Master Artist and Master Trainer David Zhang. Since 1992, David Brow Art have been growing for more 20 years and build a world renowned brand.

Headquartered in the garden City of Singapore. David Brow Art received an invitation by the world renowned Asoke Skin Hospital, to kick of our first Asia Flagship store in Thailand, Bangkok on October 2013 to elevate eyebrow micro-blading and lip tattoo standards as an Aesthetics. This invitation has successfully allow us to bring eyebrow micro-blading to the next platform as the first organization that is able to combine beauty and Aesthetics.

David Brow Art Flagship products involve, David Brow Art International Training Academy, David Master Colour Series, David Hair Growth Care World, all of these products have been used across worldwide.

We have distribution partners in England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Lituania, Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco (French Zone). We also have business partners in America, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines and China

David Brow Art International Training Academy started operations with a grand opening on 8th August 2015, as the first training academy to facilitate China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Market.

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His unique skill and exquisite taste in this art has wow the industry so much so that much of celebrities, wealthy business people in Mexico, Europe and even royal families in Asia and Europe have appointed Master David as their very own family Eyebrow artist due to the fact that he is able to introduce the well-known(in China) “YI Jin”(The book of Self-Renewal, FengShui, and Merit) and the latest trend in Aesthetics, into this art that he is so passionate about. Eventually this led a higher cost for his service, however not only did his customer stay loyal to him, he customer base started to grow drastically. Through the simple eyebrow needles, he is able to create naturally multi-dimensional beautiful brows for his grow of customer.

Master David has also created internationally recognized, David Master Colour. Under the belt of this brand, there’s Nano colour, world first finest ark shape bendable needles, long lasting painless numbing cream, stablising lotion, line drawing eyebrow pencil; Imperial machine series of product. These are products manufactured for the highest standard to share with the world, regardless in the East or the West. These products are also greatly recognized by fellow Master Artist around the world.

Under the brand of David Hair Growth Care, is created by world class hair expert and led by none other than David himself. He combined the latest technology from the West with the traditional formula from the East in order to create this unique receipt. This product can be applied directly on the skin, it can be also consumed to improve individual body system, most importantly this amazing product have been very well received by his large network of customers, hence with this product, David has completed his mission to provide a complete solution to hair problems.

In the David Brow Art International Academy have over 20 years of teaching and education experience, strong training team, we have traveled and trained students from over 50 countries, all over the world.

Mr David is the Principle of the academy, he is a Grandmaster at the highest level and also the creator and founder of 3-Dimensional and 6-Dimensional eyebrow, painless techniques for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo. He solely innovated a 3D technical pen to create a new technique by designing eyebrow with eyebrow line drawing and with his unique way of interacting with customers to attain customer loyalty.

Due to Mr David passion for his technique, he composed a song to help enhance his students understanding to the rationale and uniqueness behind his techniques and strokes. This is one special methods in David Brow Art International Academy to add value into our learning system to make learning easier, interesting and ensure we bring the best out of every student.

Our students come from all parts of the world and from different walks of life, but due to our unique learning system and creative way of teaching, we have give birth to many students that have took down champions in competition all over the world. Attaining these results have put Master David in an irreplaceable position in the industry and the world best artist.

Since 24 years, David Brow Art International Academy have organized close to 1000 classes all over the world, trained over 30000 students. We provide up to date training materials and standards to maximize our student maximum potential and satisfy their hunger for knowledge in David Brow Art. We strongly believe there is a champion in every student that join us in David Brow Art, in order to bring out the champion in them, we believe that having a strong foundation is key.

Karen Betts from England and Gitana from  is a fine example. They trained under David Brow Art International Academy and were very hardworking students. This year Karen Betts and Gitana has been invited to the China World of Eyebrow Micro-blading 2016 competition as judge and an exchange program to share and advise fellow artist on the trends and new innovation in styles.

David Brow Art International Academy has again trained another student to become the champion in micro-blading. 10th January 2016, THE WORLD OF MICROBLADING CONFERENCE/ CHAMPIONSHIP/ TRAINING in Holland, Amsterdam, the winner has been awarded to Lynsey Ta from United States. We are proud to share that Lynsey Ta is a VIP student at David Brow Art International Academy.

At the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival in April 21st – 23rd 2016, Rotterdam, Holland, 2 of our outstanding students, have won the 1st and 2nd place in this exclusive competition.


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