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Mini Curriculum Vitae

The enhancement of aesthetic beauty is at the forefront of my goals and my professional training is always constant. The lessons learned over the years by the best masters around the world have allowed me to reach a level of preparation that I can position among the best practitioners and teachers in the international landscape of permanent makeup. The following specialists, in the dermomedical field, quickly became involved and carried me to the point of revolutionizing my path, and in a short time to take care not only of beauty, but also of people’s health. In fact, dermomedical services are a real revolution for the health and beauty of customers. The tenacity to work and the choice of cutting edge and top quality products are the ultimate ring that allows me to distinguish myself in this field. I have created, together with my husband Domenico Taraborrelli, the “Anna Taraborrelli – Permanent Makeup & Academy” that we always carry with The philosophy of quality and innovation.
A company that, in addition to providing permanent and aesthetic makeup services to the end user, has made it available to teach anyone who wants to undertake the dermopigmentist profession.


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