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Mini Curriculum Vitae

Plastic artist, tattoo artist and permanent make up artist for more than 10 years. Ceo of haut company involving companies hautlinie academy, haut haut medical and technology. First champion Biotek Italian Championship PMU. Masters realistic design, technical industrial design 3d modeling and micro mechanics. Director of hautlinie academy the biggest academies of Brazil’s micropigmentation. Working in new technology development and technical applications for PMU, such as “Rainbow Camouflage Technique and HDFL – High Definition Full Lips” Offers different educational systems, involving a high perception of improvement level motor functions and a way simplistic drawings, and also perfect evaluation procedures modes, simulating with precision and realism any procedure that perform professional IRA. Working together to its employees, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the study of details that make the difference in procedures PMU, such as effects long-term of dye, reactions of different groups chemicals and how the ability affect manual of the different types of generators clocks.


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