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Rotterdam – 11-12 MAY 2024

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a Global contest of brow Artistry

Browista Championship is an esteemed international competition that showcases the exceptional skills and creativity of eyebrow artists from around the world. Only Finalist from all-around the world can compete for the most prestigious title in Eyebrow Artistry.

Open Championship: For All Contestants

The Micropigmentation Championship: Unleashing Artistic Excellence. Experience the pinnacle of creativity and skill as talented artists compete for the prestigious title of Micropigmentation Champion. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of artistry and innovation at the Eyebrow Festival.

Showcase Your Talent

This championship provides a platform to showcase your talent & skills. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and creativity globally.

Gain Global Recognition

Competing in the championship allows you to gain recognition and establish yourself as a leading artist. The exposure will boost your professional reputation.

Elevate Your expertise

Participating in the championship exposes you to a diverse range of techniques, styles, and approaches. Engage with fellow artists, exchange ideas, fostering growth.

Thrilling Competition

Embrace the thrill of competition and challenge yourself to push the limits of your skills. The ultimate platform to test your abilities against other artists.

Frequent asked questions

Why are there two different championships like Worldwide Browista and Open Championship Nomination Professional?

The distinction between the two lies in the level of competition and nomination. In the Browista category, champions compete against champions, representing the highest level of achievement. On the other hand, the Open Championship category is open to participants of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned professionals, creating a diverse and inclusive competition.

Who Can Participate in the BROWISTA Final in the Netherlands?

Participation in the BROWISTA final in the Netherlands is exclusively open to candidates who have successfully advanced through the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Worldwide Browista Championship.

When is the championship award ceremony?

The championship award ceremony is slated for the evening of May 13, 2024, in the enchanting city of Rotterdam. It’s a not-to-be-missed celebration of talent and accomplishment.

What if my country is not listed among the qualifiers?

No worries! If your country isn’t on the list, there’s still an exciting opportunity for you. If you’ve clinched a winning prize before, you can join the semi-finals in the Netherlands. Your exceptional talent deserves a global spotlight, and we’re thrilled to have you showcase your skills on this prestigious stage. Let’s elevate your journey to the semi-finals together!

What can I do if I am not through to the semi-finals after the quarter-final in my home country?

If you don’t advance to the semi-finals following the quarter-finals in your home country, you still have the opportunity to compete in the open championships. As a participant in the BROWISTA championships, you’ll receive an exclusive 50% discount on entry to the OPEN championships. It’s a chance to further showcase your skills and passion on our global stage.

What if I What if I secured the 1st place but cannot attend the semi-finals in The Netherlands?

In such a scenario, if you are unable to attend the Netherlands semi-finals despite achieving the 1st place in the quarter-finals, the 1st place will be passed on to the 2nd place contestant. Our aim is to maintain fairness while accommodating various circumstances. Your understanding is valued, and we’re here to ensure equal opportunities for all participants.

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