3 June 2019

The third edition of Worldwide Championship took place on 10 and 11 May 2019 at van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam. Specialists from all over the world competed in order to receive the most prestigious title in (permanent) make-up.

Last couple of years we developed a unique judging and point-system, which prevents judges and contestants from any kind of contact during and after the championship. Only floor-judges may enter the championship area to supervise the competition and subtract points from participants in case they work with an unsafe or unsanitary method. Worldwide Championship strives to become the biggest international micropigmentation competition.

Last couple of weeks we have been processing all championship entries and recalculating the points one by one to make sure everything went well. All given points from judges were correct, but since our judging system is anonymous, thus without names written on the latex entries, some mix-ups were made during the placement of the results.

Unfortunately, due this error the winner outcome of Category Platinum Artistic Eyebrow Shading and Platinum in PMU changed:

Category Platinum Artistic Eyebrow Shading

First place / 84 points: Hanna Zakharyeva *UNCHANGED*

Second Place / 72 points: Iryna Nazarava *CHANGED*

Third Place / 70 points: Olga Raevskaya *CHANGED*

Platinum in PMU

First place / 136 points: Aline Luz *UNCHANGED*

Second Place / 125 points: Chiara Colonnelli *UNCHANGED*

Third Place / 98 points: Andreia Ferreira *CHANGED*

We can imagine the confusion, and we’re sorry we put everyone in this situation. To help make it better, we are doing a full analysis on this issue, the root cause, the impact, and how to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your patience with us as we dig in and get back to making the championship better next edition.


Worldwide Championship Commission


31 May 2019

Oscar in Permanent make-up - Preliminary Round

1Natalja Frolova109
2Julia Saar99
3Maria Concetta Graniero96
4Stefano Monterosso94
5Kristina Teterovska90
6Neti Oliveira89
7Damiana S.Gomes81
8Artem Labuz76
9Alevtina Hyvonen75
10Simone Pertusatti65
11Diana Rossi64

Oscar in Permanent make-up - Final Round

1Natalia Frolova136
2Damiana S.Gomes122
3Netti Oliveira118
4Maria Concetta Graniero112
5Julia Saar111
6Simone Pertusatti109
7Artem Labuz91
7Alevtina Hyvonen91
8Stefano Monterosso86
9Kristina Teterovskaya85
10Diana Rossi82

Oscar in Microblading - Preliminary Round

1DanDan Liu112
2WeiWei Teng110
3Lynn Tian96
4Sun Qing94
5Jing Wang88
6Eteri Bekurashvili62
7Marta O.Ferreira Bregadioli56
8Linda Feittoza45
9Daniele Simas42
10Julia Elisa Franciosi37

Oscar in Microblading - Final Round

1DanDan Liu135
2Lynn Tian128
3Julia Elisa Franciosi111
4WeiWei Teng109
5Eteri Bekurashvili98
6Daniele Simas91
7Jing Wang84
8Marta O.Ferreira Bregadioli77
10Linda Feitoza69

Platinum in Permanent make-up - Preliminary Round

1Makoto Suzuki111
2Sara Cardoso105
3Karine Garonce98
4Andreia Ferreira86
5Caiara Colonnelli83
6Stella-Amelia Nommik82
7Aline Luz80
8Bianca Rosa77
9Sofia Ricci74

Platinum in Permanent make-up - Final Round

1Aline Luz136
2Chiara Colonnelli125
3Andreia Ferreira98
4Stella-Amelia Nommik96
5Sara Cardoso86
6Karine Garonce80
7Makoto Suzuki77
8Sofia Ricci69
9Concetta Diamante-

Platinum in Microblading - Preliminary Round

1XiaoHong Liu114
2Siyi Xie113
3Chui Mei Lam107
3LanLan Pan107
4Elle Pang105
5XiaFei Zhang91
6Fiona Chai89
6Flora Cheung89
7Claudia Prata73
8Valentina Gallinetta56

Platinum in Microblading - Final Round

1Xiaohong Liu121
2Claudia Prata118
3Siyi Xie111
4Fiona Chai108
5Chui Mei Lam100
6Flora Cheung87
7Elle Pang85
8LanLan Pang75
9Valentina Gallinetta70
10XiaoFei Zhang58

Platinum Artistic Eyebrow Shading - Preliminary Round

1Hanna Zakharyeva93
2Bianca Rosa89
3Anna Kutsevolova84
4Iryna Nazarava80
5Katerina Puninskaya75
6Olga Raevskaya73
7Volha Lobkis69
8Viktoria Ever68
8Natallia Yusko68
9Viktoria Zemliakova67

Platinum Artistic Eyebrow Shading - Final Round

1Hanna Zakharyeva84
2Iryna Nazarava72
3Olga Raevskaya70
4Anna Kutsevolova69
5Volha Lobkis63
6Katerina Puninskaya62
6Viktoria Ever62
6Viktoria Zemliakova62
7Bianca Rosa60
8Natallia Yusko59

Henna Brow Shading

1Fernanda Barcelli103
2Kristine Teterovskaya97
3Elisa van Daalen82
4Clevia Salomno81
5Alaneide Marques68
6Linda Feitoza65
7Veridiana Ulian61
8Stela Maris Santos do Nascumento57
9Jenniree Gyabaah49

Category Scalp - Realistic Hair

1Christian Strasser98
2Khalida Movsumova80
3Steven Greitzer71
4Agnieszka Tarasiuk65
5Juliana Persi48

Artistic Shading Eyeliner

1Anastasia Gromadina108
2Tatiana Chirko107
3Anna Fors101
4Maíra Adabo98
5DanDan Liu96
6Elena Garkina93
7Alevtina Hyvonen91
8Sara Cardoso82
9Zinaida Nazaryants81
9Natalia Filatova81
10Khalida Movsumova77
11Weiwei Teng71
12Vanessa Ramos61
13Flora Cheung49
14Dong-Chung Lo48
15Sineenath Plengphet45
16Siyi Xie41
17Katerina Puninskaya39
18Ashley Luu37
19Mariia Holodenko34
20Lynn Tian23
21Jing Wang12

Artistic Eyebrow Shading

1Sineenath Plengphet112
2Elena Garkina107
3Maíra Adabo97
4Anna Fors94
5Viktoria Zemliakova85
6Daniele Simas70
7Claudia Prata66
8Flora Cheung58
9XiaoFei Zhang52
10Elle Pang50
11Sun Qing46
12Fiona Chai42
13Lynn Tian38
14Katiane Kappes-

Sexy Lips

1Sineenath Plengphet130
2Anastasia Gromadina125
3Olga Raevskaya123
4Maryia Zver122
5Elena Garkina117
6Anastasiya Flady112
7Alicia Kouidri106
8Barbara Marcon103
9Zinaida Nazaryants101
10Sara Cardoso89
10Lima Kas89
11Darina Salathova85
12Maira Adabo81
13Daniele Simas80
14Alevtina Hyvonen77
15Karine Garonce76
16WeiWei Teng73
16DanDan Liu73
17Debora Carraro71
18Mariia Holodenko70
19Natalia Filatova60
20Ashley Luu50
21Erica Santiago45
21Katerina Puninskaya45
22Siyi Xie44
23Larisa Lobo40
24Jing Wang35
25Dong-Chung Lo33
26Flora Cheung22
27Sun Qing19
28Neti Oliveira-
29Roberta Adamatti-

Areola Reconstruction

1Tatiana Chirko111
2Andreia Ferreira108
3Anastasia Gromadina102
4Anna Dermo Ferrario Fichter94
5Vera Lia Figueiro Mendes Braochado92
5Karina Favato92
6Daniele Simas88
7Hotaru Ichinose82
8Miquelangelo Carmo79
9Damiana S.Gomes74
10Mariia Holodenko71
11Maira Adabo68
12Cristian Strasser57
13Olga Raevskaya49


29 May 2019

I want to take this time to thank everyone for supporting, loving and making this event what it is today 😘 As soon as we processed the footages we will share them with you 🎥📷

25 April 2018

We are two years old!

We congratulate everyone on the birthday of the festival!
For two years the festival has united more than a thousand participants from all over the world!
Especially for you we invite the most talented and popular Speakers!
We thank each one of the participants for your choice and confidence in our festival.

🌟 “Worldwide Eyebrow Festival” is a great investment in your knowledge and development!
🌟 “Worldwide Eyebrow Festival” – has become a launching pad for many young professionals.
🌟 “Worldwide Eyebrow Festival” is a good platform for the exchange of experience, it is the realization of talent, it is an opportunity to do something very important – together.
🌟 We join cities, countries and continents!
🌟 We speak the same language – the language of beauty!
🌟 Soon, We are all together, we will meet in Rotterdam on the third, most beautiful, large-scale and grandiose festival in the world beauty industry!

Until next time!


8 March 2018

The WWEF 2019 Partnership preregistration is now open.

Worldwide Eyebrow Festival is an excellent platform to promote your business while engaging existing audiences, we want to build long-term partnerships with organizations in order to achieve the most from the relationship. If you would like to know more or would consider supporting the festival, please  fill-in our preregistration form so we can get in touch with you.


There are many benefits in sponsoring the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival:

  • Direct association for your company with one of the most prestigious and exclusive permanent make-up and microblading convention of the world.
  • Qualitative and targeted public logo and brand exposure aimed at a specific audience.
  • Direct networking opportunities with well known industry leaders and emerging talents.
  • Opportunities to undertake creative and original brand activities and customer outreach,  supported by the Festival’s experienced and effective Development Team.
  • Access to a range of unique programs throughout the Festival.

We have opportunities available at all levels and all of our packages can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and effective sponsorship benefits such as:

  • Prominent association and branding
  • Consumer engagement opportunities
  • Hospitality packages
  • Press, PR and social media exposure

Please note that we are also able to provide opportunities not just during the convention, but also throughout the year via our media channels.

CLICK HERE to leave your information


1 January 2018

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WORLDWIDE Eyebrow Festival 2019 eXperience

After the wonderful WWEF REVERSED we proudly introduce our next big event with a whole new theme…WORLDWIDE Eyebrow Festival eXperience!Save the dates! 9 – 12 MAY 2019!THE NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱 Fasten your seatbelts, expect the unexpected and eXperience a whole new sensation of world class permanent make-up. Warning… breath taking performance included! Join our reservation mailing to get noticed as soon as the ticket are available at

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