Unlock Boundless Advertisement Possibilities

Explore prime branding opportunities at Eyebrow Festival in the iconic Het Muziekgebouw Amsterdam. Be seen and celebrated by the permanent make-up and beauty industry. Our flexible packages cover pre, during, and post-event promotion. Watch our venue tour video and choose from captivating stage backdrops to interactive exhibition spaces. Elevate your brand’s presence and engage with an enthusiastic audience. Join us to create unforgettable moments while amplifying your industry impact.

Take Your Brand to New Heights

Front Facade

The front facade is a  premium location to let your message come to life, through various window options. We offer different methods to mount your message using various films and cut texts.

Side facade

The entrance of the Muziekgebouw is where Eyebrow Festival welcomes visitors. There are various options to display your message on the window using different films and cut texts.

revolving doors

Discover multiple branding opportunities at Eyebrow Festival. Make a lasting impression by showcasing your logo or message on the revolving doors, ensuring visitors won’t miss your brand!

raise your flag

Discover multiple branding opportunities at Eyebrow Festival. Make a lasting impression by showcasing your logo or message on the revolving doors, ensuring visitors won’t miss your brand!

Enhance Your Brand Visibility and Engagement

Hall banner

Banners in the hall create an impactful presence at Eyebrow Festival. Positioned as the ultimate eye-catcher after visitors enter through the revolving doors, these banners offer a captivating brand recognition.

Entrance banner

This prominent location is commonly used for event welcomes and registrations. As visitors enter through the revolving doors, they encounter these impactful banners. Ensuring maximum exposure.

Balustrade banner

Advertise with our Eye-catching Balustrade Banners. Positioned strategically along the balustrade, these banners ensure prominent visibility, capturing the attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Mainstage banner

Capture the Limelight with Banners on the Main Stage. These eye-catching banners offer unrivaled visibility, ensuring your brand shines brightly in front of our diverse and engaged audience.

Banner above stairs

Gain Maximum Exposure with a Banner Above the Stairs. Positioned strategically, this prime location ensures your message reaches a captive audience, making it an ideal advertising opportunity.


Secure a prominent position for your brand with a standalone banner, capturing the eyes of every event attendee. Make a bold statement and elevate your brand’s visibility with this opportunity.

Amplify Your Brand's Impact with Digital Promotion


Showcase your products, services, and brand story on our high-traffic website, reaching a diverse and engaged audience. Drive traffic to your own website and boost your brand’s online visibility.

Social Media

Leverage our online platforms to reach a global audience and enhance your brand visibility. Maximize engagement and connect with potential customers through targeted digital marketing strategies.


Engage our audience with captivating video content, showcasing your products, services, and brand values. Leverage the power of visual storytelling to leave a lasting impact on our attendees.


Feature your brand in our event magazine, reaching a captive readership of industry professionals and enthusiasts. Take advantage of this prime opportunity to showcase your products and services.

Enhance Your Brand Visibility and Engagement


Join our exceptional event program featuring global PMU artists showcasing latest techniques on live models. Become a sponsored nonstop artist, engage a global audience, and leave a lasting impression.


Join our exceptional event program as a speaker and share your valuable insights. Captivate a global audience, showcase your expertise, and leave a lasting impression with your impactful presentations.

Booth Space

 Secure your spot at our prestigious event and present your brand to a diverse audience. Connect with potential customers, demonstrate your products, and make lasting business connections.

product Showcase

Display your latest innovations and top-notch products to a wide-ranging audience. Capture attention, generate interest, and drive sales with a prominent product showcase at Eyebrow Festival.


Get your brand noticed by including your promotional items in our exclusive goody bags. Reach a highly-engaged audience and leave a lasting impression, showcasing your brand through our goody bags.

Award giveaway

Sponsor an award and be part of recognizing outstanding talent in the PMU industry. Gain valuable exposure, align your brand with excellence, and inspire artists and attendees with an award giveaway.


 Get featured in our exclusive interview series and share your unique story, insights, and expertise in the industry. Amplify your brand’s reach, connect with a diverse audience, and inspire others.


Make a Memorable Impression on Our Esteemed Guests. Showcase your brand with a VIP Wall placement, ensuring exclusive exposure to influential attendees and industry leaders.

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