Worldwide Eyebrow Festival

By Yevgenia Aytas

In 2016 my dream came true with the realisation of the first edition of the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival.
Nowhere else in the world there is a permanent makeup Congress that was so informative and entertaining at the same time. I knew everyone needed something informative, entertaining and refreshing.

During a dinner show I attended in “Villa Thalia” all the pieces of the puzzle felt together, This is the place where the Eyebrow Festival has to take place!

The festival stands for quality, independence and solidarity. The quality is guaranteed by the standards imposed on all participants of the festival, the unity is reflected in the fact that there is room for everyone, regardless of brand and country. I assured the Independence by creating an independent international jury board for the Eyebrow Championship.

The Festival was well received by the public, immediately after the first edition people already asked me when the next edition will take place.

It felt so good to see everyone happy. At the end of the festival I knew my mission succeeded, when I saw visitors crying because normal life was waiting again. There were tears,  laughter, lots of knowledge and especially a very big party!

Worldwide Eyebrow Festival eXperience will even be bigger, that I promise!

In hope to see you on 10 May 2019 in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

Yours sincerely,

Yevgenia Aytas
Organizer and Art director

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