27 September 2017

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1ShatkoTatyanaRussiaPMU Platinum131
2CostaCristiniBrazilPMU Platinum116
3OudhuysenAshleyNLPMU Platinum115
4MakarovaElenaKZKPMU Platinum114
5IackLorraneBrazilPMU Platinum112
6TatianaNovicovaItalyPMU Platinum112
7FragaAlineBrazilPMU Platinum110
8RibeiroRoseBrazilPMU Platinum108
9CorreiaTaísBrazilPMU Platinum104
10FernandesFernandaBrazilPMU Platinum104
11WalterAndrieleBrazilPMU Platinum104
12MoebztFlaviaBrazilPMU Platinum101
13AndreaCamilaBrazilPMU Platinum100
14HacimehmetPinarTRPMU Platinum99
15van WijkAnkyNLPMU Platinum99
16BotelhoJanaynaBrazilPMU Platinum97
17CarraroDéboraBrazilPMU Platinum97
18FreitasLucianaBrazilPMU Platinum94
19SalathovaDarinaSlowakijePMU Platinum94
20AbdurakhmanovaMadinaKZKPMU Platinum93
21GülsahAgbasTRPMU Platinum91
22Cavalheiro FrancoJaquelineBrazilPMU Platinum90
23ZhulyabinaGalinaKZKPMU Platinum89
24AguiarRaphaelaBrazilPMU Platinum87
25MendonçaLucianaBrazilPMU Platinum87
26Akie Hirakawa MeloLucianaBrazilPMU Platinum86
27KjaersfeldtAleksandraDenmarkPMU Platinum86
28Maiara F GomesVivianeBrazilPMU Platinum85
29BiermannFabyelleBrazilPMU Platinum83
30Jaansalu-PukspuuBlankaEstoniaPMU Platinum82
31ChavesSandyBrazilPMU Platinum81
32OliveiraAndréiaBrazilPMU Platinum81
33CamposCandidaBrazilPMU Platinum77
34OliveiraElisângelaBrazilPMU Platinum74
35Martins PadilhaMayaraBrazilPMU Platinum72
36JelsmaMandyNederlandPMU Platinum67


Results for OSCAR IN PMU
1NizamutdinovaElenaRussiaPMU Oscar132
2RaidveeCatlinEstoniaPMU Oscar128
3OnisichElenaUkrainePMU Oscar126
4EdelTatianaRussiaPMU Oscar125
5BotnariRodicaITPMU Oscar118
6MartinsPatriciaFrancePMU Oscar118
7MaximovaAnastasiaRussiaPMU Oscar116
8Romero GomesMaria FernandaBrazilPMU Oscar114
9HyvonenAlevtinaEstoniaPMU Oscar112
10GritsanElenaKZKPMU Oscar104
11AbramovaNataliyaRussiaPMU Oscar95
12DurmanaevaAnnaRussiaPMU Oscar93
13AmelinaAnnaRussiaPMU Oscar88
14LiuCherryTaiwanPMU Oscar86
15EmilieGentetFrancePMU Oscar73


Results for PLATINUM IN MB
1LiMuxiaTHAILANDMB Platinum130
2KukoljGoranAUSMB Platinum116
3LeeLay ThengTHAILANDMB Platinum114
4KhatanbaatarZayaTHAILANDMB Platinum113
5PlengphetSineeathTHAILANDMB Platinum106
6ChaiSiew LingTHAILANDMB Platinum102
7ChenPeili PattyTHAILANDMB Platinum102
8Ling YunTianTHAILANDMB Platinum99
9PrataClaudiaBrazilMB Platinum98
10LamChui MeiTHAILANDMB Platinum97
11HanYi NingTHAILANDMB Platinum96
12MoreiraDannyBrazilMB Platinum95
13TingMin MinTHAILANDMB Platinum93
14SalomãoCléviaBrazilMB Platinum91
15LuQiheTHAILANDMB Platinum91
16LiManqiTHAILANDMB Platinum88
17MendonçaAliceBrazilMB Platinum88
18TavaresJosyBrazilMB Platinum88
19FerreiraNany FerreiraBrazilMB Platinum87
20Kappes BusattoKatianeBrazilMB Platinum84
21KjaersfeldtAleksandraDenmarkMB Platinum83
22CabelloLuiseBrazilMB Platinum82
23Mei QiShenTHAILANDMB Platinum82
24MorenoFernandaBrazilMB Platinum81
25SimasDanieleBrazilMB Platinum81
26GonçalvesCrisBrazilMB Platinum80
27HoangMaryannUSAMB Platinum80
28FreitasJenniferBrazilMB Platinum79
29SalathovaDarinaSlowakijeMB Platinum79
30Hai NguyenThomasUSAMB Platinum78
31Rodrigues Machado Da SilvaJesenaBelgiumMB Platinum77
32LudemannPatyBrazilMB Platinum76
33BoteroAnaUSAMB Platinum75
34CabralNaraBrazilMB Platinum75
35KochkinaAnnaPORMB Platinum75
36LocksAna PaulaBrazilMB Platinum75
37Batista da SilvaPaulaBrazilMB Platinum74
38RodriguesSabrinaBrazilMB Platinum73
39CabralVanessaBrazilMB Platinum70
40SimioniSilvanaBrazilMB Platinum64
41NobreFrancileideBrazilMB Platinum62
42LucenaWillianeBrazilMB Platinum61


Results for OSCAR in MB
1BaoBihuaTHAILANDMB Oscar131
2ChaichumpornNattayaTHAILANDMB Oscar125
3KukhalskayaAlenaBELARUSMB Oscar120
4RattanapetchoVaniyaTHAILANDMB Oscar118
5MaximovaAnastasiaRussiaMB Oscar113
6ShevchukZlataKZKMB Oscar107
7GoldAnnaKZKMB Oscar101
8KazakevichEkaterinaKZKMB Oscar101
9AguiarJulianaBrazilMB Oscar100
10Gomes Silva de MeloMônicaBrazilMB Oscar93
11LeeJoanneUKMB Oscar87


6 September 2017

First of all we would like to thank you for competing at the Worldwide Eyebrow Championship 2017. Please check the group schedule below to see what time you need to be present for check-in. The competition will take place at Hilton Hotel Rotterdam, please make sure to be on time for the smooth running of the check-in procedure. When you fail to be on time you unfortunately cannot take part in the competition, so please make sure to be on time!

This schedule is only as reference and may be changed anytime, we will keep the participants informed.


Group 1

  • 08:00-08.55 am: Registration and preparing your workplace.
  • 09:00-11.00 am: Working on human model.
  • 11:00-11.30 am: Cleaning your workplace.
  • 11:30-12:30 am: Working on latex.
  • 12.30-13.00 am: Cleaning your workplace.

Group 2

  • 09:00-09.55 am: Registration and preparing your workplace.
  • 10:00-11.00 am: Working on latex.
  • 11:00-11.30 am: Cleaning your workplace.
  • 11:30-13:30 am: Working on human model.
  • 13.30-14.00 am: Cleaning your workplace.

Group 3

  • 11.00-12.25 am: Registration and preparing your workplace.
  • 12:30-13.30 am: Working on Latex.
  • 13:30-14:00 am: Cleaning your workplace.
  • 14:00-16:00 am: Working on human model.
  • 16:00-16:30 am: Cleaning your workplace.

Group 4

  • 13:30-14.55 am: Registration and preparing your workplace.
  • 15:00-16:00 am: Working on Latex.
  • 16:00-16.30 am: Cleaning your workplace.
  • 16:30-18:30 am: Working on human model.
  • 18:30-19:00 am: Cleaning your workplace.

You can find the rules and conditions here.