12 May 2017

In this post I will show you how to register for the Eyebrow Championship 2017.

First of all open our website and press on register from the Championship drop-down menu or surf directly to Championship registration.

championship registration

The registration procedure consists of 6 steps.

Step 1 – Fill in the Championship Registration Form

Fill-in your Title name and contact information. You may participate in two methods (PMU and MB) for every method you need to follow the same registration procedure.
More information about the categories can be found HERE.

Step 2 – Upload pictures of your work or/and awards.

To compete your work has to be approved by our championship commission. Upload your work.
You may only compete in Category Oscar if you upload prove of winner position in any other permanent make-up competitions you participated.

Press the Agreement box in order to see the “Register” button. By pressing on it your entry will be submitted.

Step 3 – Submit your registration

You will receive a confirmation message on screen and an email with your entry information.

Step 4 – Approval and payment

You will receive a personal email and a championship booking link. Use the unique password and press book ticket to start the payment for the Championship entry fee.

Step 5 – Finalizing your registration

After we confirmed your payment, you will receive your Championship ticket and 10% Festival discount coupon. Your registration will be completed.

Step 6 – Booking your Festival Ticket

You can apply your unique discount coupon during the booking or by using the discount link you received earlier or by entering the coupon code as shown below.


8 May 2017

Are you curious about last years Eyebrow Festival reactions?? We put a little video compilation together of interviews. The video is recorded during the NON-STOP Eyebrows program, where masters demonstrated their Permanent make-up and microblading skills on live human model and answer questions regarding the treatments. This year NON-STOP Eyebrows will be a standalone event at the World Trade Center Rotterdam. Festival Attendees get free access. WE PROMISE YOU, THIS YEAR WILL BE EVEN BETTER!